Champagne Gold Leaf Bracelet

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  • Material: recycled plastic and gold leaf leaves
  • Handmade by Buddhist monks in Thailand
  • Water resistant / waterproof


  • SIZE S - Inner diameter 5.5 cm
  • SIZE M - Inner diameter 6 cm
  • SIZE L - Inner diameter 6.5 cm

(approximate measurements)

How to wear them?

Gold Leaf Bracelets are very comfortable to wear due to their flexibility and light weight. They are totally silent, so you can carry several at the same time.

We recommend you bring several and preferably in odd numbers. For example 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 units.

These silent bracelets are ideal to wear all year round and elevate your daily look.

They are 100% resistant to water, pool and sea! So don't worry about having to take them off.

Gold leaf bracelets bring luck and good fortune to those who wear them.

Mantra and meaning:

Its closure or connector carries a Mantra engraved in Sanskrit:

  • Mantra of Love (Love) - เมตตามหานิยม
  • Luck Mantra - โชคลาภ


History and Tradition:

The Gold Leaf Bracelets, also called Buddhist, Tibetan, Temple Reed Bracelets, are handmade by the monks of the Buddhist temples of Southeast Asia, originally from Thailand. History says that they are blessed to bring good luck to their possessor. They spread LOVE, LUCK, PROTECTION, UNITY and GOOD FORTUNE.

Buddhist monks give them to people who donate to their temples as a symbol of gratitude. They are the good luck bracelets par excellence. And they say that if someone gives them to you, it means they want you to be very lucky in life.